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Someday we’ll be back to our hometown @J-Blog, together… not alone.
Until then, stay safe and cool in the Pandora’s Ark here @J-Blogs.com.
Further notice will be given when we’re ready to tango for a slow and safe landing on J-Blog as soon as we can.


What’s next?… To entertain 6 million Koreans overseas, there will be additional online services such as UnaRadio & UnaTV, covering most interesting and critical issues on Korean politics, economics, business, culture, art, wine and foods, K-Pops, and the dynamic and proactive nature of 5,000 years old Hallyu!


Now Noah is building the huge Pandora’s Ark to save all of the bad boys, pretty girls and many of the miserable Sonovabiches on board to go back to their eternal hometown in the Neverlands on the stormy waters while listening Rod Stewart’s SAILING…




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